Best Ways for Handling Digital Visitor Management

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Many businesses deal with countless visitors on a regular basis. However, it is very hard to handle all the appointments of those visitors at the same time in order store a record of them. Visitor management systems aid in the recording of information of visitors by assisting in keeping a record on a safety vigil. Here are some best practices on maximizing the use of digital visitor management system.

Appointment based visits with pre-registration. In a traditional process visitors being registered prior to arrival required a lot of manual paperwork and multiple calendar entries and invitations. With todays advancement in small form display tablets and cloud software, there are smarter and more efficient automated solutions. Some of these visitor systems allow for pre-registration of guests using smarter and more intuitive tools.

Modern appointment-based systems aid in ensuring security is maximised. With a feature like visitor pre-registration all the guests details are entered before they arrive. This creates a quick and more secure way to sign in your visitors. All they need to do is scan a QR code, select their name on a pre-register list or enter their email on arrival.

This alerts the people they have arrived to see and can also notify reception staff of security. Therefore, in an appointment based system like this tied into your visitor management system will be highly valued in the organisation. All a visitor needs to do is register their arrival and grab a visitor badge.

Establish a neat badge. When your visitors arrive issue them a printer badge from your visitor sign in system. This should include their type (visitor, contractor etc) printed large and clearly. You can also then include their sign in time and a pass number. For added personalisation include their name, company and even a photo.

A modern visitor management system should be capable of taking a photo at the very least and recording this against a visitor registration. In even more advanced systems you can issue a QR code which can be used to scan and sign or or even reused when a visitor returns, then they just need to scan on screen and not enter anything manually.

Place a photograph of the visitors on the badge. It is said that an image is worth a thousand words. This is particularly real in visitor management containing a photo of an individual on the badge that will prevent various issues that may happen. The host himself can verify that the same individual for whom the badge was prepared to has indeed visited him. This creates a more personal connection between your guests and their hosts as they can identify them in the reception area if new to each other.

Brand confidence & marketing. The way you present yourself to guests can have a lasting impact. Your brand and your organisations message should  cover all communications, especially interactive ones. A good visitor system will allow you to brand the interactive touch screen terminal with logo and wording. In addition your visitor passes should be able to include your company logo.

Some visitor systems like Go Reception let you include switching background images to your visitor terminals, turning them into display advertising when not being used for sign in, this is like a screen saver of past years and can show product, services or more importantly – safety messages.

Gather details regarding Government issued ID. It is an excellent way to gather information regarding government issued ID such as Social Security Number and driver’s license. Typically, this is more appropriate for government establishments given that persons in corporate establishments may to decline to reveal this information. You should be able to customise and collect this information on screen with a good, robust visitor management system.

Limited Liability Statement. Making sure you notify visitors about their safety and responsibilities when arriving at your organisation is important, especially if you have construction works on, secure facilities or general sensitive information at your workplace. Visitors need to be presented with an on-screen induction that they can also physically sign. Both the organisation and visitors should get copies of their for their records.

These simple practices in visitor management are very essential to any organisation to handle safety towards accepting visitors and maintaining a professional brand image.

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