Visitor Management for Co-Working Environment

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Are you looking to introducing modern electronic visitor management solution into your working environment? If so, there are several great software solutions that are easy to use and install.

These digital visitor management tools provide the advantages of electronic data capture, optional touchscreen booking and digital photo ID. These products have been highly developed for purpose solutions especially on today’s market. It aims to allow those public and commercial sector organizations to manage effectively their visitors at ease.

If you operate a co-working space you already know it can be hard to keep track of your residents, employees and visitors. Implementing a modern visitor management system is a highly effective and efficient way to welcome visitors and sign in your residents using iPad touch screen kiosks. Have visitors reach your staff via email and SMS when they arrive or to accept delivery of a package is an essential part of any good system as it saves costs, reduces time spent chasing people and just plain modernises your entire operation!

Sign in visitors, employees and residents
Track who actually spends their time in the co-work space
See who is getting the most out of memberships
Book meeting rooms
Present all your residents on the iPad or just a select few
Accept and track deliveries to your co-work space
Send arrival notifications when visitors arrive
Manage asset bookings for AV equipment etc
Print visitor badges
Display one or more terminals, as many as you need
Connect all your terminals and locations
Easy monthly pricing, SaaS solution with iPad or Android displays

In short, an electronic visitor management system with features like Go Reception is specifically designed to answer the needs of schools, organizations and other institutions towards managing visitors in a co-working environment.

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  1. This is the first that I have heard about something like this. It is an excellent system for keeping track of visitors as well as seeing what rooms are being booked and used more. This system can actually help my comoany track many different areas in our business. Thanks for the great advise!!

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