Visitor Management Supports Optimal Workplace Safety

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For many organizations, it seems hard to track visitors who come to the workplace. There is a question on the safety the employees and visitors themselves. We can never tell what will happen if someone intrudes without the awareness of staff. You surely want to be totally safe at the place where you work, right? With this, an effective visitor management process is the best answer.

Security cameras, access control, and alarms may not be enough for overall protection. When a malicious person has successfully entered, no one can control their behaviour inside the building. If they wants to spy or steal a file, it’s difficult to identify who may have been the perpetrator. When the crime was already done, that’s the time when the security team will just review the CCTV and look for the culprit. It’s too late because the bad intention was executed. All you need to do is regret and ask for investigation. Preventive measures are always right. One must not wait for the occurrence of damage.

The traditional visitor book is no longer on trend. An individual is free to write even the name of other person and falsify information. They can just adjust the time or dates to keep arrival hidden. Is there a guarantee that a visitor writes the correct information about themselves? It is better to rely on the electronic aspect in this digital world. The advancement of technology has a lot of things to offer. We just need to discover its benefits specific to your organisation, most of this being automation in the sign in / arrival process.

There are several reasons why any company must consider updating how they think about visitor management.

All personnel will be secured from unexpected troubles. With the help of a reliable system, there is an assurance that all visitors state the purpose for their visit.

The company will have an excellent image among customers and community. If people know that the organization observes visitor management, they will be comfortable to enter your premises. For example, banks will attract more account holders and money transfer transactions because of the added value and perception of security on site.

The operations won’t cause any delay. The entire process will be automatic. By simply scanning a guest’s identification card with a QR code or similar, it is possible to get the information you need without entering data on screen. More time is saved from using a system that supports this.

Visitor records will be organized. Despite having many locations and branches, all data regarding the visitors can easily be sorted. There’s no need to manually check essential information on a piece of paper of log book. You will be given instant results right away.

There is an easy access to the record. Due to the fact that the system is operated by cloud software (like the solution offered by Go Reception, it is quite easy to have access to the visitors’ information and run reports.

Protection of the visitors’ information is guaranteed. Prior to signing in, the visitors can be required to accept terms by signing on screen induction documents. This will also ensure the safety of their private data. If a visitor declined to enter the needed information, he won’t be able to enter the workplace. Why would he disagree if the intention is good? Visitor management will truly help you. When it comes to data protection, there will be no problem on leakage or identity theft. All information are backed up for future reference – and not in a paper book sitting on a counter top!

Transparency of records is another advantage. All visitor information is easily recorded and can be retrieved at any time effortlessly. If your company or authorities need to look into a visitor arrival the information is quickly accessible. Likewise for reporting and protection against alteration of data, because everything is captured in real time and stored securely in a cloud account.

Notifications will be received accordingly. When visitors arrive at your organisation and sign in, a good visitor management system will notify their hosts by email, sms or other form of notification delivery. This ensures only the person receiving the guest is interrupted and helps with unmanned or busy reception and security staff.

It will give convenience. Visitor management will only take few minutes for the data entry. A good internet connection is a key factor on making everything favorable to the company. There’s no need to read manuals or any printed material. Simple instructions are already flashed on the screen.

Expect reduced expenses. Expect savings in the medium to long term because you are saving on paper visitor books, costs of archiving and maintaining valuable counter space. You can also expect to reduce costs associated with the need for a manned reception desk and increase in productivity as a visitor management system should automate basic visitor arrival needs.

Special features of visitor management software:

Customized visitor list – It is possible for an employee to pre-register a visitor through a web application. The guest will just receive invitation email wherein the details are updated on the list. The service provider also has a regularly monitored visitor logbook. It can be personalized for the organization’s needs.

Visitor directory – The visitors’ initial details can be saved for the next visits. The regular guests can also be authorized even without a scheduled visit for a day. Visitors can use QR codes or an app to quickly register arrival on future visits.

Badge design and printing – it is possible to design a badge according to your preference. If you want to include the organization’s logo, personal photo, name, and other data, you can always explore your creativity and enforce the security, safety and brand message of your organisation.

The printer you use for badges should be environmentally considerate, use a thermal printer and recycled paper labels for printed badges. Some visitor management software like Go Reception can even send a digital badge in the form of SMS message which includes all the relevant arrival details, no need to even print!

Branded invitations – You should focus on giving your customers a great experience by bringing your voice into visitor invitations. Having a system that gives you the flexibility to send our invitations with custom massages is important. You should be able to also include things like parking information, directions and WiFi access so visitors can setup before they arrive.

SMS notifications – You can remind a guest that you expect a visit from him by sending an SMS, approximately 2 hours prior to their visit. On the other hand, the host can also receive a message that notifies him when the expected guest finally arrived. Notifications are essential to making the entire invite to departure experience memorable.

Visitor management systems provide numerous advantages for the organization who implement a good solutuin. When we talk about safety and transparency of records, there will be no further issues anymore. Outcomes will be favourable for a company and memorable for the visitor.

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  1. Sometimes it’s scary to see an unfamiliar face walking around your office building. This post has some great ideas that I think I might bring up at our next meeting, especially about having more details records on file about visitors.

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