Integrating iPhone 6s into office automation and visitor security

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Every other year, Apple comes up with a new design of iPhone which is eagerly awaited by loyal fans all over the world. When the news of iPhone 6s hit the media, consumers and industry watchers predicted many features of the new smartphone and how it can help their relevant industries.

Well, now the iPhone 6s release date is announced and so are its many new features. The iOs integrated iPhone 6s is finally complete with an NFC technology. NFC (near field communication), similar to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi allows communication between two devices at a close proximity. NFC is mostly linked with “mobile wallet” and provides safe and secure transaction through a smartphone or tablet / iPad by replacing the traditional cash and credit cards.

NFC is integrated with many other features such as paying for a parking meter or purchasing airline tickets. Many car manufacturers are also using NFC technology to open car doors such as BMW is using NFC-enabled car keys where the user has to tap on their smartphone to open the door of their vehicle.

By implementing iPhone 6s into a visitor management system, the modern companies can find enhanced security. The NFC enabled visitor management system will reduce the use of barcode scanners and key fob. With an IPhone 6s integrated visitor management system, guests and other visitors can gain access to the building by showing your phone to the door and tapping on the phone’s touch ID. By utilizing this way, you can be assured that your workplace is safe and secure.

With NFC technology, the process of signing in will be faster and safer since the scanners can scan national ID cards or business cards instantly. If you are aware of any specific person coming to the workplace or a goods delivery planned during the day, then you can add their information ahead of time to make the signing process quicker. By implementing the new iPhone 6s to the existing visitor management software, businesses can be assured that they are protected from external threats and their buildings and facilities are more secured and modernly equipped with advanced online technologies.

The new iPhone are ready to be shipped late September. With the new technologies integrated into the iPhone 6, the business owners can easily swap photos, contact information, allow entry, etc easily and safely. The visitor management solutions can be used by companies and industries of al size who wish to have increased productivity, security, and success.


  1. NFC sounds like amazing technology. I can’t believe how much we can do now with one single device! It also makes me worried about what would happen to everyone if somehow our iPhones break down or the system gets hacked.

  2. It sounds like it’d fit great into a paperless office. I can’t believe how much we can do with an iPad or iPhone these days. One person could run the operations from one device. Scary to think of that, really, but quite intriguing at the same time.

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