How can mobile technologies increase the productivity of workplace?

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There was a time when business was conducted via pen and paper. The tasks, records and even communication were done in writing. But the world has changed and mobile technology has replaced the “old fashioned” ways of doing business. The files and the records are all transferred on cloud-based storage system, emails and internet have completely taken over snail mails, and even the receptionists that used to be part of the entrance lobby of every office has been substituted for a high-tech visitor management system.

Many companies embrace the use of mobile technology in their workplace for improved operations. According to many surveys, it has been established that 1/3 of employees use their mobile devices exclusively for their work. The different gadgets allow the employees to operate from anywhere and anytime with added efficiency and productivity. Here are some ways different industries are using mobile technologies for their workforce:

Business owners

A recent survey conducted by AT&T claims that by utilising mobile apps save business owners approximately 600 working hours per year while smartphone and apps help them save up to 2 billion hours. The mobile technologies can help the business owners and workers communicate with their customers, track inventory, and make transactions. Marketing is also an important feature of running a business. With mobile technologies, the business owners are free from the expensive cost and hassle of print ads. Internet marketing helps the businesses reach new and existing customers at a very affordable cost.


Mobile technologies allow doctors, nurses, and other medical staff to keep the medical records of patients with them at all times on their smartphone and tablets/IPads. The smart devices also allow the medical staff to stay connected with their patients regardless of their location. Different mobile apps also help the patients keep track of their health and provide updates to their health care practitioner.

Sales and marketing

The employees of the sales and marketing industry are required to stay connected with their customers at all times. By using mobile technologies, they are more connected with their clients despite their location.

Visitor management system

Many small businesses or startups don’t have the budget or the need for a full-time receptionist. But many of us might find it hard to believe to be in a workplace which has no one to welcome the guests. The visitors play a vital role in the success of all industries such as medical, education, businesses, etc. a receptionist not only welcomes the guest to the workplace but also keeps track of their whereabouts and their meetings.

A visitor management system replaces the traditional sign-in methods by providing digital solutions for the log-book, guest badges, and appointments. Many times visitors interrupt the workers for various reasons which kill their productivity. It has been observed that employees who are interrupted are likely to perform 20 % worse than those who are left uninterrupted.

Mobile technologies are not only important for our social lives; they are an important part of how we operate in our professional lives also.


  1. My company recently started implementing mobile technologies in our work place… it was about time! All employees are now connected through apps that help all of us stay organized and on the same page. It’s really wonderful!

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