The Importance of Data Sovereignty with Teamgo

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Have you ever wondered where your data is kept? More importantly, have you ever considered why it matters where it’s kept? It’s not something that businesses usually think about, but here’s why it is should be top of mind.

What is data sovereignty?

Data sovereignty is the concept of how and where data is stored, and that the use of that data  is bound by laws of the country in which it is located and not where it is collected. If you collect data from your Australian clientele and it is stored overseas, it could then be used illegally by a third party if the host country’s laws allow it.

Why is data sovereignty so important?

The data that you keep on your clients is arguably the most valuable asset you own, so it is paramount that this data is kept in a secure location. Even though the company you use is based within Australia, the data could be housed in Singapore, Germany or even the United States. This might not seem like a big deal, but this data could be used by a third party and sold back to other competitors without your knowledge.

This is where Teamgo is different. We pride ourselves on the fact that all of our clients data is obtained and securely stored with Amazon Web Service located in Sydney, Australia.

“Security is a paramount priority at Teamgo. From how we develop our solutions to transference of data between systems, we continue ensuring standards are maintained and access to information is restricted. As we expand functionality for transformative workplaces and deliver better business intelligence to organisations, we’re focused on ensuring data security is key to all decision making for the systems we develop and the people that use them.”

– Steve Barrett, CEO of Teamgo

Over a thousand organisations worldwide trust Teamgo with their data, and that’s because the integrity and security of your information is our highest priority. With clients that include the The Department of Defence and Government of South Australia, Teamgo provides a state of the art secure service so you can feel confident that your data is protected.

To find out if Teamgo could benefit your team through secure office management solutions, please book a meeting with one of our specialists or join up for a free trial here: 

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