Changing the front desk forever

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As Teamgo focuses on you and customising your experiences, we deploy an update every day and a major update every week to bring you the most current and efficient systems.  Our updates are automatic so you can reap the rewards of better functioning software – with no work on your end!


Our commitment to customers is about creating technology that’s invisible that simply works, is frictionless for users, and delivers something a little magical and memorable. Teamgo is driven by our customers with whom we engage with daily on all aspects of the solutions we provide, from the executive team to the humble day-one employee.


Our support team is on call for whenever you might need assistance and support. Not only that, we also listen carefully to our clients feedback and make the appropriate improvements that benefit everyone. Our help centre is full of information to get you started, and we’re always on hand if you need us.


Innovating through customer interaction, Teamgo listens to client feedback to make it a reality and our excellent client testimonials are the proof. Hoani Tainui has said that the “constant updates and improvements prove the team at Teamgo are listening to feedback” and that Teamgo has “changed the whole front desk” experience for him.  Kevin Grube explained that “since starting with Teamgo we have always had a great relationship with the support team. No issue goes unresolved with support. We also see the product constantly improving. They take your feedback very seriously, and I have seen some of the feedback I have given introduced into the finished product.”


Being a software company, we focus on enriching organisations with information and digital transformation, but, our values lay on the people that provide it over the data. To find out what we can do for your company, book a consultation with our team today.

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