How Teamgo can keep your organisation safe

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There is no question that the safety and security of staff, visitors, and contractors is your utmost priority. From schools to airports and organisations, Teamgo is the perfect solution to keep your team safe at all times through effective monitoring, communication, and instant access to information.


Emergency Mode

According to Safe Work Australia, emergency plans must include “effective communication between the person authorised to coordinate the emergency response and all people at the workplace”. Our “Emergency Mode” is an essential feature for your organisation’s evacuation and safety plans.


“Emergency Mode” runs through the Teamgo dashboard and only sends a notification to visitors and staff currently signed in and onsite. Depending on your visitors and employees details, they will receive either a SMS, email, or both. We recommend SMS as the prefered delivery because it is almost instantaneous, while email can be delayed depending on mail services, filters and firewalls. Our Front Desk feature also allows for access to emergency evacuation lists, meaning that you know exactly who is on site. This is vital in an emergency situation and makes it easier to “roll-call” and head-count once outside the building.


Medical Emergencies

For large organisations it is common for business professionals to constantly flow in and out, and keeping track of this can be difficult. This complex issue can be easily resolved through Teamgo’s management system. Steve Barrett, one the founders of Teamgo, explains that “if a visitor is checked in and you’re meeting with someone that has an anxiety attack, you’ll be able to look up what’s wrong with them while you’re waiting for an emergency service to arrive. You can know that they’ve got their pills on them, which means you know how to give a certain level of care to that visitor.


Safety and Securities in Schools

It is essential that our systems are adaptable to any environment, and this includes schools. Schools are a place where it is integral that every person on site is identifiable and with our check in systems and badge printing, every visitor will have their own photo identification. You can customise the data entry fields to suit your needs and have all the information required at your fingertips. With this additional information, our system also provides a more efficient means of keeping track of staff, students and guests in stressful situations, such as evacuations. Jason Lemley, the assistant principal for Lumpkin County High School believes that “after going through several different solutions for visitor management, Teamgo was by far the best fit for our school. Customer service has been and continues to be first class. It works seamlessly to ensure a safer school for all our students”.
As can be seen, our system is completely customisable for any organisation and is effective in managing the safety of all personnel. Start your free 14 day trial now here –

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